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Construction Safety requires workers mind to be focused on their task.


3HOURS is an online system for users who are experiencing issues in their lives or just looking for a mind-gym to leapfrog ahead of where life seems to have created a suspension in their life. 

The system is a private experience versus the participants private information being held on a server.  Lifestyles seldom provide that window we can sign out of our duties, life's or relationships to sign into months of therapy.  

3HOURS provides an experience and skills the participant can put into action that same day.  No waiting for months to work through those speedbumps.  Having to wait on a wait list creates anxiety often often resulting in shutdowns to gaining information.  3HOURS is designed to be available on demand.

In just 3HOURS participants can gain information, immediate fixes with simple practical information to rid the speedbump[s].  

Employers are looking for systems that can return their workers back in their own drivers seat without loosing their valuable employee for months, years of alternative options.

Individuals are seeking answers versus being taken down a rabbit hole of wait times, multiple programs, invasion of privacy, time involved in building trust with professionals to get to the root of it all.  


In 3HOURS all you need is an internet access, private space and 3HOURS of time, pen and paper.  Access to the system is available 24 hours a day globally. [available in English only at this time]


This is an online portal for those who are finding that chosen substance has began to spiral from social consumption into effecting work duties, communication issues, relationships.

This is an addition fee.  1incident recommends users to this area first complete 3HOURS mind -gym




EMPLOYERS AREA:  send 1incident an email to request code for this area

                            provide us with your company name and phone number:



















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