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1 INCIDENT site offers safety in the Construction Industry.  Working with Construction start up companies through to the establish corporation operating on old safety protocols and procedures or a management team that is not fully aware of the liabilities at stake for the Project Owner, and or Prime. 

1 INCIDENT is the first company working with Home | Business | Owners.  Providing both education and Safety Documentation to assist in further protecting investment[s].  See YOU AS THE PRIME [link]    All it takes is 1 INCIDENT to lose your entire investment.

​For decades Governing Authorities have offered an insurance policy companies are required to have to work in the construction industry.  Yet many operate without this policy. The same Governing Authority has set industry Regulations that unfortunately are largely ignored by the workers on site[s] whether it be private, and or commercial. 

Unfortunately as most government driven programs, the insured discovers the many loop-holes designed to let the unsuspecting insuree fall through the loop holes to an unsuccessful claim to what they believed the insurer would compensate for the injury whether it be treatment[s], and or financial compensation.  Upon an incident all seems well initially until it becomes a serious issue.  By the time the seriously injured understands what has transpired, it’s often beyond the time limit the injured had to receive the correct, and or full compensation.  


Home | Business | Owners unfortunately believe their Contractor is responsible for the legal requirements when they invest in the contractor to complete the work.  Unfortunately there are multiple loop-holes that both the Governing Authority, and or their home insurer will not inform the property owner of.  1 INCIDENT educates the Home  |  Business | Owners to the multiple loop-holes that exist providing documentation to better protect the investment.

A Majority of Construction Companies operate with a skeleton team of management in their Site, and or Head Office[s].  Hiring for the onsite task[s] what is referred to as, “Sub-Contractors”, Sub-Contractors often hire out their contract to Sub- Sub-Contractors.  All Contractors are required to have their own Safety Program and Site Specific Plans though most unfortunately do not.  Management overlooks this area far too often to lure in the low-cost teams.     

Management Teams are unaware of the legalities until an incident occurs.  Having a set of outdated Safety Manuals onsite does not protect the Prime nor the Project owner.   Many full scale projects are operating on information from five years previous with insufficient First Aid Coverage, and or Safety.  There have been many changes in Safety and First Aid Responsibilities.      1 INCIDENT offers a Management Briefing for Construction Companies and a variety of programs.   





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