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3HOURS mind-gym


A trained employee, professional is a valuable asset.  Loosing them for long periods of time can certainly cause delays in meeting deadlines, production goals or more.

Regardless to a persons profession, every individual has issues in life that at any time could become the straw that breaks the camels back. 

Putting issues on hold due to work, family responsibilities can cause a person to spiral.  Holding onto, putting issues off eventually hits a wall.  Waiting to hit the wall can cause a person to be away for months, if not longer.  Retraining a replacement simply is time costly and seldom the replacement can match your trained individual outcome. 

3HOURS is a system that employers can give the individual immediate access to a private online system.  Most individuals prefer to live in denial simply due to their private information being on file that could be breached.  They do not want to be seen as a weak link.

3HOURS is a mind-gym filled with simply usable information.  Each module is provided through pictograms as the Consultant gently guides them through the system via voice recordings for each section.  

EMPLOYERS PAYMENT: visit the store to select EMPLOYER ACCESS, upon payment the system will immediately send a document to your download area of your computer. The download will request the following information to a selected email in our system. You company will be required to provide:

  1. Your company name [payee information], and

  2. The date of access required [the code provides access from 9 am -9am next day]

  3. Individuals email address to provide the individual directly with a system access code; the individual will be required to use the same email address to access a pivotable point in the system. 

  4. 1incident does not require the individuals name; the individual can use any email address they have access to.

  5. The document will provide an email address for the employer to send required information. 


1incident's return email to the individual[s] are available MON-FRIDAY.  1incident recommends Employers to provide paid time for their workers for the 3HOURS to ensure their participation.  


3HOURS provides an online portal to effective information for those individuals who are finding these substances are becoming an issue, effecting their work duties and relationships.  Employers are required to first provide the individual with access to the 3HOURS system.    Employer's purchase both the 3HOURS mind-gym date and separately the D/A access package. 


Employers requiring a completion notice of the worker or a 1-1 session to evaluate the worker,  contact 1incident directly using the form on the contact us form requesting an Employers Package. This package will use the Square payment system. 

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