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Ticking clock indicates it's a matter of time. 1 incident can result in loss of investment.


Commercial Projects over 100k are required by the Governing Authority to operate a Full Health and Safety Program and Submission of the project N.O.P. to local Governing Authority.  Before commencement of any task[s] a Site Hazard Assessment is required to be performed to mitigate, and or eliminate potential hazards.

1 Incident offers a full Safety Manual and will provide your Safety Personnel with an online training of the system.  Having a set of binders on the shelf without your Safety Officer and Superintendent having a clear understanding of the operations and details of the Safety Program will only foster liabilities for the Prime in the event of an incident.  Enduring one severe incident could potentially risk serious impact on the Project budget.  

A projects budget can better stay on tract when liabilities are reduced or eliminated.  If your company's Safety Officer is required to perform any other task than First Aid do know your Safety Program is no longer working for the Project owner.  When a management Team is unaware the CSO's main focus must be on Safety the project operates in a liability capacity.  Safety personnel are required to know and complete paperwork, keeping ongoing records, ensuring safety controls are established, ensuring contractors are fulfilling their document requirements, ensuring certifications are valid, onsite equipment is safe and perform in most cities two site inspections a day.  The CSO should be attending Trade meetings and performing Safety meetings for all site members.  These tasks are insufficient when Safety Personnel are required to perform other work task[s]

A Construction Project Manager, Superintendent or other Head Office Personnel are generally not trained Safety  Officers.  Corporations who attempt to operate a dual function of a Superintendent / designated Safety are operating in a high level risk operations.  Superintendents' are generally trained to reduce costs and by doing so adds to their end of project bonus.  Therefore in most cases cut corners a Safety Officer will not permit.  A qualified Safety Officer is responsible to ensure  to the best of their ability to maintain a safety work environment for all workers.   A Superintendent is responsible to complete the project within the projected budget. Therefore combining the two creates a management conflict.


 Contact 1 INCIDENT include the Bullet numbers below to share with us what your corporation may require and your contact Team member and phone number and our Consultant will contact you within two business days.

 1 INCIDENT offers:

  1. Safety Manual includes general site Safety sign

  2. Site Specific Safety Plan

  3. Safety Program Training 

  4. Site Safety office operations

  5. Safety Orientations

  6. Safety Board / Emergency Response Plan

  7. Site Safety Audit

  8. Safety Advisory call in fee based 

  9. Orientation Stickers

  10. Project Website

  11. Professional photography 

  12. Logo Design



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