You The Prime Contractor

11 INCIDENT is all it takes to loose your home/investment

Did you know:

Before you sign on that contractor/worker, a transfer of Safety Liability Agreement may save your investment.   

  • Regardless of the terms of hiring you as the homeowner are what is known as the PRIME.  The entity who carries the burden of responsibility.

  • Many contractors who cut costs and come in with lower bids are able to do so due to not having bared the expense of educating themselves or their workers which translates to not meeting the WCB or OHSR requirements to work in the professional field as a contractor.  This generally includes work ethics, equipment and or worker coverage[s].   This will leave you as the homeowner at risk and liable in most cases.

Quite often when a quote or a bid is higher, it is due to those companies having bared the extra expense to have the appropriate professional protection that is required by the law, in how they operate i.e.:

  1. CSA approved tools and safety are required, taking the time to train workers or have them certified is the law[properly instructed with documentation to prove the instruction].  In addition, having valid WCB coverage for all workers.  Do note that W.C.B. covers immediate medical bills for covered workers.  Ongoing wage loss is determined and provided ONLY when workers were following the regulations.  Investigations must be performed immediately and reported to W.C.B. / OHSA/

  2. Every homeowner or business owner MUST in addition to usual home or business insurance have a construction insurance floater when work is being performed. (contact your insurance provider) 


Do know that a 1-minute job of simply going up a ladder to change a bulb


cut that branch away for you, could become an outrageous liability in the courtroom




in the event of an incident; support is required and often becomes a legal nightmare 


If the nice guy or family member you think won't sue; do know, chances are their family will.  It is only cheaper until an incident occurs, then the real costs become your burden of responsibility. 


Acting as the Prime, until you sign off liability you are generally as the homeowner 100% liable when workers are not covered.

  • Did you obtain additional construction liability insurance for the renovation and workers?

  • Did you pay the premium and have documentation in hand from your broker?

  • You can register with WCB and pay the fee as the Prime, you are still required to complete the onsite paperwork required.   

For example, is that nice guy the father of 4 children, a wife and a supporter of his in-laws.  Are there additional secondary educational fees for any or all of the children that your nice guy-worker was hoping to pay for by working cash jobs and or investing over the years?

Is that nice guy/gal putting you at risk?



Possibly without intention, in a courtroom the workers best intention becomes your liability and burden:

  1. Wanting to make some side cash at your expense regarding liability

  2. Used to doing things the old way

  3. Can't afford to do it the right way

  4. Ignores the laws

  5. Good at what they do

  6. A good friend or family

  7. It will only take a few minutes

  8. ALL IT TAKES IS 1 INCIDENT and everything you worked for your life long is gone!

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