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1 INCIDENT is all it takes to loose your home / investment


Construction Safety! It is ALL about your Liability Safety Agreements, facts, documentation, signatures.

It is the LAW that incidents requiring medical aid at a medical facility are reported to WCB within 24hrs to 3 days depending upon the severity.  Your contractor may or may not report and could result in the worker seeking legal representation to have their claim paid for.  The forms below will assist in the documentation.  As the property owner, you will require your contractor to provide you with copies of ALL reports submitted to WCB.  WCB has online reporting.  Documenting the first initial details at the time of the incident is crucial.  Pictures must be taken immediately to assist in unbiased reporting.  If the worker is unable to work again you want them to have the best chance at being covered by WCB.  Do contact us for the INCIDENT REPORTING PACKAGE:  Coming soon will be a package you can download automatically from the DOCUMENT SHOP.  



#2 Witness Statement

#3 Worker Statement

Once the forms above are completed call WCB and use the information on the forms to submit online or fax the above documents to the claims department. 

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