CORPORATE LIABILITY SAFETY BRIEFING educates corporation management teams the risks of liability contractors pose as they perform tasks when hired by the corporation.  Introducing the steps required to reduce or eliminate corporate liability from incidents. offers briefing segments corporations require to educate their teams.  Offering briefing segments on or offline, easy access information, forms & documents to reduce and or eliminate liabilities.


Corporations in the past once relied upon governing bodies and insurers to regulate the industry now discover loopholes leaving the corporation exposed to massive liabilities to injured workers.  Insurers today operate on technical language often resulting in reduced payouts,  intellectual writers design documents the average client is unable to comprehend that can leave clients exposed to unforeseen liabilities.


Contact 1 Incident to book your Corporate Briefing

Includes: PowerPoint Presentation, Q & A and site review location of documents [fee-based documents per use]


Request fees as per below:


IN PERSON: provide full corporation contact details and location destination

Briefing Flat fee in Person

Briefing for 0-10 Attendees

Briefing - 11-50 attendees

Briefing 51-100 attendees

Briefing 101-1000 attendees

Briefing 1001-up


ONLINE BRIEFING via ZOOM: provide full corporation contact details

Per attendee fees

Online Briefing for 0-10 Attendees

Online Briefing - 11-50 attendees

Online Briefing 51-100 attendees

Online Briefing 101-1000 attendees

Online Briefing 1001-up

PLUS: Travel fees

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